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Salvēte omnēs! Welcome back to Latin for Wikiversity. Here you can peruse a new lesson in Latin, in a simple format. If you would like to catch up, you can find a directory of lessons, a classified vocabulary list, and Memrise courses at the links on the right.

We continue with names for common objects. As with last lesson, we list acceptable alternates alongside.

New Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Latin English Audio (Classical) Notes
autobirota, ae
motobirota, ae
charta, ae paper, sheet of paper
cista, ae
capsa, ae
box We already know arca, ae, which usually refers to a chest or large box for storage
cithara, ae guitar, lute, lyre
claviatura, ae
plectrologium, ī 
keyboard of a computer, etc.
fabrica, ae workshop, factory
rota, ae wheel
violīna, ae violin
catillus, i
patella, ae
a small dish  lavāre catillōs to wash the dishes  
clāvīchordium, ī
clavile, is (n.)
piano Or other keyboard instrument.
vehiculum, ī  vehicle
chartāceus, a, um made of paper
lavō, 1 wash, clean
canō, canere, cecinī, cantus, 3 make music, play an instrument, sing Used with ablative.

New Sentences[edit | edit source]

Latin English Notes
Charta alba est. Paper is white.
Habēsne chartam? Do you have paper?
Cista chartae in mēnsā est. The box of paper is on the table.
Lucia cistam pirōrum emit. Lucia buys a box of pears.
Est catillus fabārum. It is a dish of beans.  
Fabae in catillo sunt. The beans are in the dish.
Gāius catillos lavat. Gaius washes the dishes.
Holera lavāmus ante edimus. We wash the vegetables before we eat.
Catillōs chartaceōs (patellās chartaceās) habēmus. We have paper plates.
Haec raeda est vehiculum meum. This car is my vehicle.
Raeda tua rotās atrās habet. Your car has black wheels.
Multa vehicula in viīs hodiē sunt. Many vehicles are on the roads today.
Nostra familia tribus vehiculis eget. Our family needs three vehicles.
Autōbirota tua nova est. Your motorcycle is new.
Illa fabrica autōbirotās facit. That factory makes motorcycles.
Paula in fabricā labōrat. Paula works in a factory.
Claviatura computātri ejus est. It is the keyboard of his computer.
Violīna est mātris meae. It is my mother’s violin.
Mārcus violīnā canit. Marcus plays the violin.
Citharā canō. I play the guitar.
Clāvīchordium nostrum grave est. Our piano is heavy.
Discipulī clāvīchordiō canunt. The students play the piano.
Arma virumque canō... I sing of arms and a man... famous opening line of Virgil’s epic, the Aeneid - notice that it uses the accusative

Practice[edit | edit source]

Practice and learn the words and phrases in this lesson
Step one First learn the words using this lesson:
Step two Next try learning and writing the sentencing using this:
Note that the Memrise stage covers the content for all lessons in each stage.
If you are skipping previous stages you may need to manually "ignore" the words in previous levels (use the 'select all' function)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson. We will be getting into verbs again next time. Valēte et bonam fortūnam!