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Salvēte omnēs! Welcome back to Latin for Wikiversity. Here you can peruse a new lesson in Latin, in a simple format. If you would like to catch up, you can find a directory of lessons, a classified vocabulary list, and Memrise courses at the links on the right.

We continue with household vocabulary and sample sentences this week.

New Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Latin English Audio (Classical) Notes
novācula, ae razor
balneum pēnsile shower literally “hanging bath”
capitilavium, ī shampoo
dentifricium, ī toothpaste
frīgidārium, ī refrigerator, cold room (of public baths)
lābellum, ī basin, sink
linteum, ī sheet Or any linen cloth, a sail, an awning or curtain.
maeniānum, ī balcony
tēlephōnum, ī telephone
tēlevīsōrium, ī television set tēlevīsiō, ōnis for the concept
lōdīx, lōdīcis (f.) blanket, bedspread
sāpō, sāpōnis (m.) soap
cervīcal, cervīcālis, cervīcālium (n.)
pulvīnus, ī
pillow, cushion
mantēle, mantēlis, mantēlium (n.) towel, hand-towel
cantō sing 1st declension

Notes on vocabulary: we are leaving out some words of modern usage where we haven’t yet found a consistently accepted Latin word for, such as toothbrush, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. We will add them in if we are able to research and verify what modern Latinists generally agree on. Use the talk page to make suggestions. In the meantime, the above words can be found in multiple sources, even if they are not strictly classical in origin.

New Sentences[edit | edit source]

Latin English Notes
Sāpō in solum cadit. The soap falls onto the floor.
Sāpōnem nōn habeō. I do not have soap.
Habēsne mantelia? Do you have towels?
Mantēle rubrum habet. He/she has a red towel.
Mārcus novāculam in manū tenet. Marcus is holding a razor in his hand.
Balneum pēnsile est parvum. The shower is small.
Lūcia in balneō pēnsilī cantat. Lucia sings in the shower.
Ubī dentifricium tenēs? Where do you keep the toothpaste?
Dentifricium ad lābellum est. The toothpaste is by/near the sink.
Paula capitilavium in balneō invenit. Paula finds shampoo in the bathroom.
Sunt duō lābella in culīnā. There are two sinks in the kitchen.
Māter linteum in lectum pōnit. Mother puts the sheet on the bed.
Nōn multa lintea habēmus. We do not have many sheets.
Ubī est cervical meum? Where is my pillow?
Omnia cervicalia in lectō sunt. All the pillows are on the bed.
Lōdīx est caerulea. The blanket is blue.
Sunt lōdīces in arcā. There are blankets in the chest.
Domus tua magnum maeniānum habet. Your house has a large balcony.
Avus in maeniānō sedet. Grandfather is sitting on the balcony.
Frīgidārium aperīs. You open the refrigerator.
Fructum in frīgidārium pōnunt. They put the fruit in/into the refrigerator.
In frīgidāriō meō nōn est lac. There is not milk in my refrigerator.
Audīsne tēlephōnum? Do you hear the telephone?
Gāius per tēlephōnum vocat. Gaius is calling on/by (through) the phone.
Tēlevīsōrium nōn habēmus. We do not have a television set.
Frāter meus tēlevīsiōnem nōn amat. My brother does not like television.

Practice[edit | edit source]

Practice and learn the words and phrases in this lesson
Step one First learn the words using this lesson:
Step two Next try learning and writing the sentencing using this:
Note that the Memrise stage covers the content for all lessons in each stage.
If you are skipping previous stages you may need to manually "ignore" the words in previous levels (use the 'select all' function)

Until next time, valēte et habēte bonam fortūnam!