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Salvēte omnēs!

More food vocabulary and sentences this week. There are the links to resources you may need on the right.

New Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

1st declension nouns, all feminine
Latin English Notes
caepa, ae onion
caupōna, ae restaurant, inn, tavern Or the landlady who keeps it
faba, ae bean
ōlla, ae pot, jar
patina, ae a dish, serving dish Usually larger than a patella
prīma mēnsa the main course of a Roman dinner
secunda mēnsa dessert
tabula, ae menu Also writing tablet, list, chart, placard, etc.
2nd declension: m. ending in –us; n. ending in –um
Latin English Notes
frūmentum, i grain Used in the plural to mean “crops”
garum, i fish sauce Also known as liquamen, a popular condiment in ancient Rome
pirum, i pear
thermopōlium, i take-out restaurant, cafe, deli counter, fast food place
3rd declension, gender noted
Latin English Notes
gustātiō, gustātiōnis (f.) appetizer
nux, nucis (f.) nut
piper, piperis (n.) pepper (black pepper)
2nd declension
Latin English Notes
ferveō, fervēre, ferbuī   to boil intransitive verb

New Sentences[edit | edit source]

Latin English Notes
Patina ovōrum est gustātiō. A dish of eggs is the appetizer.
Fabae sunt in ōllā. Beans are in the pot.
Frūmentum coquō. I cook grain.
Frūmenta in agrīs sunt. The crops are in the fields.
Parvī puerī nucēs nōn edunt. The little boys do not eat nuts.
Secunda mēnsa est patina pirōrum cum melle. Dessert is a dish of pears with honey.
Garum est sālsum. Fish sauce is salty.
Est piper in secundā mensā. There is pepper in the dessert.
Hominēs in thermopōliō edunt. Men are eating in the cafe.
Thermopōlium tabulam habet. The cafe has a menu.
In tabulā sunt jūs, pānis, cafea et thea. On the menu are soup, bread, coffee and tea.
Caupōna bona est in urbe. A good restaurant is in the city.
Mārcus fabās cum caepīs et pipere coquit. Marcus cooks beans with onions and pepper.
Ōlla fervet. The pot is boiling.

Practice[edit | edit source]

Practice and learn the words and phrases in this lesson
Step one First learn the words using this lesson:
Step two Next try learning and writing the sentencing using this:
Note that the Memrise stage covers the content for all lessons in each stage.
If you are skipping previous stages you may need to manually "ignore" the words in previous levels (use the 'select all' function)

You may also enjoy reading more about Roman cuisine. It is a fascinating subject. You might enjoy the food blog Pass the Garum, which offers a modern cook’s take on how to cook in the Roman way . There will probably be a further food lesson at some point in the future. But for now, we are moving on to animals next. Thank you for following along. Bonam fortūnam!