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Salvēte omnēs!

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We continue with animals this lesson. You have probably noticed already that Latin has a rich vocabulary of scientific words. Some vocabulary can be quite confusing, as there are multiple words for some animals, or variant forms of one word. We try to give the most commonly accepted variant, but it’s sometimes a judgement call.

New Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Latin English Audio (Classical) Notes
arānea, ae (arāneus, ī) spider
cerva, ae (cervus, ī) deer, stag
elephantus, ī  elephant
lupus, ī  wolf
īnsectum, ī  insect Literally, something cut into sections, i.e. the head, thorax, and abdomen) (also bestiola, ae, “little creature”)
būbō, būbōnis (m.) owl (also strix, strigis)  
lepus, leporis (m.)
Also cunīculus, i)
rabbit, hare
serpēns, serpentis, serpentium (c.) snake
testūdō, testūdinis (f.) tortoise, turtle   Also a defensive military formation
tigris, tigris or tigridis tiger

New Sentences[edit | edit source]

Latin English Notes
Lupus cunīculum (leporem) edit. The wolf eats the rabbit.
Lepus lupum videt. The rabbit sees the wolf.
Tigris cervam edit. The tiger eats the deer.
Cervus hominem videt. The deer sees the man.
Būbō mūrem edit. The owl eats a mouse.
Magnus elephantus herbam edit. The big elephant eats grass.
Arānea muscam edit. The spider eats a fly.
Puer parvum serpēntem habet. The boy has a small snake.
Serpēntēs nōn amō. I do not like snakes.
Cerva in sīlvā habitat. The deer lives in the forest.
Magistra librum dē testūdine et lepore legit. The teacher reads a book about the tortoise and the hare.
Elephantōs in vīvāriō vidēmus. We see the elephants in the zoo.
Apis est insectum. The bee is an insect.
Sunt multa insecta in urbe. There are many insects in the city.
Tigris tuus est pulcher. Your tiger is beautiful.
Avus cunīculum Luciae dat. Grandfather gives Lucia a rabbit.
Duō est bubo. Duo is an owl.
Lupa nōn est māter Rōmulī et Remī. The she-wolf is not the mother of Romulus and Remus.
Testudo volat. A turtle flies; Impossible. Proverbial

Practice[edit | edit source]

Practice and learn the words and phrases in this lesson
Step one First learn the words using this lesson:
Step two Next try learning and writing the sentencing using this:
Note that the Memrise stage covers the content for all lessons in each stage.
If you are skipping previous stages you may need to manually "ignore" the words in previous levels (use the 'select all' function)

Well, we certainly don’t think it’s impossible to learn Latin on Wikiversity and we hope you enjoyed this lesson. Next time we’ll work on family names and terms. Habeātis bonam fortūnam!