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Greetings[edit | edit source]

Stockholm central station



God dag

Good day

God morgon

Good morning

God kväll

Good evening

God natt

Good night

Hur är det (med dig)?

How are you?





Inte så bra.

Not so good.

Hur går det?

How is it going?

Conversational Phrases[edit | edit source]

Gamla stan (The old town) in Stockholm

Vad heter du?

What's your name? ('heter' is a transitive verb meaning "to be called")

Jag heter [...]

My name is [...]

Var bor du?

Where do you live?

Jag bor i [...]

I live in [...]

Var kommer du ifrån?

Where are you from?

Jag kommer ifrån [...]

I'm from [...]

Hur gammal är du?

How old are you?

Jag är [...] år gammal.

I am [...] years old.

Vad gör du?

What are you doing?

Goodbyes[edit | edit source]

Hej då/Adjö

Good bye (the latter is formal and derived from the French word adieu)

Ha det bra!

Have a nice day!

Vi ses!

See you later!

Other Useful Phrases[edit | edit source]





Tackar!/Tack/Tack så mycket/Tusen tack

Thanks!/Thank you/Thank you very much/A thousand thanks! (conversational)

Ingen orsak.

Don't mention it/You're welcome


Sorry/Pardon me

Ursäkta mig

Excuse me



Pratar du svenska/engelska?

Do you speak Swedish/English?
Ja, lite grann.
Yes, a little (response to previous question)
Nej, inte alls.
No, not at all.

Jag pratar svenska/engelska.

I speak Swedish/English.

Jag förstår inte.

I don't understand.

Jag vet (inte).

I (don't) know.

En öl tack.

One beer, please.

Vet du vad klockan är?

Do you know what time it is?

Vet du var toaletten är?

Do you know where the bathroom is?

Exercises[edit | edit source]

Translate into English:

1. Var bor Johan?

2. Johan bor I USA.

3. Vet du var Sara kommer ifrån?

4. Sara kommer ifrån Stockholm.

5. Hej då! Vi ses!

Translate into Swedish:

6. Hello, my name is John.

7. I speak a little Swedish.

8. Excuse me, do you know what time it is?

9. No, I don't know.

10. Bye! Have a nice day!

Answers to exercises