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Step 1:Start the procedure with {{wkhsteps}}
Step 2:For the first step, use {{wkhstep|1|Do this}}
Step 3:For the second step, use {{wkhstep|2|Do that}}
Step 4:End the procedure with {{wkhsteps/}}


How to Create a Procedure

Use Wikihigh mark-ups in the following wiki text to present a procedure on any page at this website, The following wiki markup produces result as shown on the right.

{{wkhstep|1|Start the procedure with ''<nowiki>{{wkhsteps}}</nowiki>''}}
{{wkhstep|2|For the first step, use ''<nowiki>{{wkhsteps|1|Do this}}</nowiki>''}}
{{wkhstep|3|For the second step, use ''<nowiki>{{wkhsteps|2|Do that}}</nowiki>''}}
{{wkhstep|4|End the procedure with ''<nowiki>{{wkhsteps/}}</nowiki>''}}

Gunport Example

A wiki-embedded window placed on a wiki page, such as this one, is called a gunport. A gunport often has an edit link, see one nearby, for ease of change to its updatable content.
Broadside is the canvas on which gunports are mounted. The gunport, Gunport Example, on the left, the shadowed gunport on the right, and this gunport with green and orange race tracks, are all mounted on the same broadside. This wiki page is made up of several broadsides. To construct a broadside with up to three gunports, use the Gunport Builder. Tell me more.
Today's Featured Project
Trade Finance is a 240-page wikified coursebook for use at university level. The course was developed as a foundational part of Michigan State University's Open CourseWare project and was published on Wikiversity (as well as on the Michigan State University's Open CourseWare site) as a part of the project. This is an example of government grant money being used directly for the creation of open educational resources. The course comprises 8 modules: Political and Economic Risk, Risk Mitigation Techniques, Commercial Risk, Payment Methods, Selecting Payment Methods, Financial Plan, Short-term Financing, Medium- and Long-term Financing.

What is a Learning Project?

Whereas Wikibooks has books and Wikipedia has articles, Wikiversity has learning projects as primary units. Tell me more

A learning project is a collection of pages devoted to the learning of a specific topic or family of topics and, simultaneously, a group of people collaborate on a learning goal through the use of said pages. On the right is a sample learning project. More samples

How to Create Educational Content

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