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Welcome to Wikiversity

Here at Wikiversity we now have a number of guided tours available for you. Featured tours are highlighted below. The shortest of all tours herein is
Around Wikiversity in 80 Seconds. Whichever tour you want to take first is up to you. Regardless of your choice, we welcome you to our Wikiversity! edit

Guided Tours for Students

Are you a student with classmates or an individual learner? Either way, there are guided tours designed just for you. To begin, click on the link below then follow further instruction there.

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Guided Tours for Teachers

A teacher here means someone who participates in learning activities and wants to create learning resources. If you want to create new learning resources or use existing learning resources ...

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State of Wikihigh

Learn to become a better Wikiversity content developer or community builder by joining us to make Wikihigh better and better. The portal, State of Wikihigh, lets you know what to do.

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Wikihigh - Featured Learning Resource
Earlier Guided Tours

Guided tours are sequences of pages which provide information most relevant to newcomers, and those seeking general information about Wikiversity. Select from:

  1. The newcomers' tour
  2. A selection of featured Wikiversity content
  3. Accessing Wikiversity by educational level
  4. Creating educational content at Wikiversity (for teachers)
  5. A tour of project boxes for classifying educational resources

Tip: When on a tour, stay in the green box with the yellow smiley. Only interact with links within the green box. If you click outside the green box, you might lose your way! :-)

How to Create a Procedure

Procedure is a sequence of steps. It is easier for others to follow your procedure when it is well presented. On the right is a small example. You only need to know three commands: to start the procedure, to end it and to insert a step.

Step 1:Define the steps
Step 2:Edit a sandbox
Step 3:Enter wikitext tags
Step 4:Review your result

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Get Started at Wikiversity

The purpose of this guided tour is to help a newcomer become a productive member of this website as quickly as possible. During this tour, you will be provided with the steps you need to create a Wikiversity account, set up your Wikiversity user page, and the whole nine yards.

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User Page Builder

The user page builder helps you create an impressive wiki user page within a short amount of time. Its use provides newcomers with an immediate confidence in getting to know the wiki website.

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Around Wikiversity in 80 Pages

This is a collection of 80 pages gathering all the concepts that a Wikiversity community builder must know in order to carry out their work effectively.

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Around Wikiversity in 80 Seconds
How to Create a Guided Tour

If you're not really interested in any of our guided tours and just want to learn how to create a guided tour such as ours but for your own purposes, click on the following link and learn how.

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Or instead you can try this ...


Create a Lesson

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How to Create a Lesson

Click here and learn how to create a lesson as shown in the following image.