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AVD Specification Templates
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How to Present a Procedure or Spec Sheet in Wikihigh Standard Style

What to do
  • Read the class handout.
  • Follow the learning procedure.
  • Do the suggested exercises.
Class Handout

About the Lesson

Title: How to Use Wikihigh's AVD Specification Templates
Objective: Know how to create a procedure for students or a specification sheet using Wikihigh's AVD specification templates
Length: 1 short/class period (20/50 minutes)
Level: High School - Teens - College - Adult Education

Learning Material

WKH stands for Wikihigh. AVD stands for Attribute, Value and Description. Wikihigh's AVD specification templates are used to create a spec sheet or a procedure. The following tags are available:

{{wkhavd}} Start the spec sheet
{{wkhavd2|attribute-name|value-string}} 2-column row
{{wkhavd2r|attribute-name|value-string}} 2-column row with right-alignment and other fancy formats
{{wkhavd3|attribute-name|value-string|description-text}} 3-column row
{{wkhavd/}} End the spec sheet

By the way, to actually create the exact above table, you also need to use the following wikitext tags:

'' (2 single quotes) Start/end slanted text
''' (3 single quotes) Start/end bold text
<nowiki> Start of non-wikitext
</nowiki> End of non-wikitext

Demo Material

The above spec sheet about this lesson is generated by the following wikitext:

{{wkhavd2r|Title|AVD Specification Templates}}
{{wkhavd2r|Objective|Know how to create a spec sheet}}
{{wkhavd2r|Length|1 short/class period (20/50 minutes)}}
{{wkhavd2r|Level|High School - Teens - College}}

Learning Procedure

Students should do the following:

  • Read the above learning material.
  • Carry out an experiment if suggested by any examples in the above lesson.
  • Do the suggested exercises below.

Teaching Procedure

Teachers can do the following:

  • On the learning resource page you're writing, change any box title as you see fit.
  • The provided content is only a sample. You can change anything but avoid making changes to the master source page for any wiki template provided by Wikihigh.

Suggested Exercises

Do the following:

  • Edit and clear the content of a sandbox page.
  • Insert the following AVD spec tags:
{{wkhavd2r|Step 1|Do this}}
{{wkhavd2r|Step 2|Do that}}
  • Alternatively use the following wikitext:
{{wkhstep|1|Do this}}
{{wkhstep|2|Do that}}
  • Press the Save Page button and see the following result, as shown in between the double lines right below this handout.

Step 1: Do this
Step 2: Do that


















How to present a lesson in Wikihigh standard style