Carbon Footprint

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The carbon footprint of process tries to calculate the amount of greenhouse gas, that is emitted for the performance of a specific task, job, process, ...

Learning Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Analyze the approach of Green IT and transfer the approach in Green IT to your area of expertise, where can you reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted for your daily work, leisure activities, ...
  • (Earth Overshot Day) How we make our carbon footprint visible and how can we respond to it in termns of risk mitigation strategies for climate change or improve our Risk Literacy
  • (Sustainable Development Goals) Walk through the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations and identify where the Carbon Footprint plays a major role for sustainability.
  • (Advisory Mission) Advisory Mission are a concept for capacity building and learning. Analyze possibility to reduce the carbon footprint of such advisory mission. Assume the advisory mission has the objective to reduce the carbon footprint in the institution or organisation in which capacity building is perform. Integrate the time component into your consideration, i.e. the carbon footprint of the capacity building event and the long term impact of on the continuous reduction of green house gas emission in the institution, organisation, community, ... for which the advisory mission was performed.

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