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Focusing a new day.
This resource is currently unmaintained. Please feel welcome to adopt it and then change this tag.

Welcome to your 8:00 class! This Wikiversity learning project tracks the Wikiversity 24 hour project-related news cycle, allowing participants to keep informed about Wikiversity events and active projects.

Colloquium summary[edit | edit source]

Short summaries of active discussions at Wikiversity:Colloquium.

Colloquium tools[edit | edit source]

Did you know that there are three ways to track changes to the Colloquium discussion threads?

  1. Obvious. Make sure the page is on your watch list; w:Help:Watching pages.
  2. Requires the activity of User:MichaelBillingtonBot. Use the link for the "RSS version" created by User:Chrismo.
  3. Did you know all Wikiversity pages with an associated "history" page now have an RSS feed? See: Web syndication.

Internet Relay Chat topics of the day[edit | edit source]

Re-cap of topics discussed in #wikiversity-en and #wikiversity.

Speakers corner video booth (under construction). See 8:00 class archives for details.

Internet Relay Chat tools[edit | edit source]

Email discussions and blogs[edit | edit source]

Summaries of Email discussions, blogs and similar information sources with relevance to Wikiversity participants.

  • Planet Wikimedia - should Wikiversity have a community blog in the Planet Wikimedia system?

Email and blog tools[edit | edit source]

Recent changes[edit | edit source]

Recent editing efforts.

Tools for tracking editing activity[edit | edit source]

Most visited pages at Wikiversity.

Archives[edit | edit source]

8:00 class/Archives - archives of old content from this page.

See also[edit | edit source]