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Figure 1. Example of how web feeds are provided at Wikiversity.

Welcome to the Web syndication learning project.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Web syndication provides internet users with reports when websites have updated their content. A Web feed is a common type of web syndication, allowing internet users to subscribe to reports of changes in the content of individual webpages. Two common web feed formats are RSS and Atom and both of these can be provided by Wikiversity. For information about how to access web feeds, see feed aggregator.

Recent changes[edit | edit source]

The Recent changes page has links to RSS and Atom web feeds available in the toolbox (see Figure 1). This MediaWiki feature is also available for the New pages page. These web feeds provide a way to be notified of all edits and all newly created pages at Wikiversity.

History pages[edit | edit source]

Figure 2. Web feeds for changes to individual pages.

Web feeds can be obtained for changes to individual Wikiversity pages by clicking on the "history" tab (see Figure 2).

Blogs[edit | edit source]

RSS feeds can also be created manually for any Wikiversity page. For example, Wikiversity Reports has an RSS feed for new podcasts (for details, see Wikiversity Reports/rss). Explicit RSS feeds have also been created for the Colloquium and some Wikiversity blogs such as User:JWSchmidt/Blog (for details, see Wikiversity Blog howto).

Other resources[edit | edit source]