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Paper anaglyph filters produce an acceptable image at low cost and are suitable for getting a 3D experience.
Tower in Bremen as anaglyph image

Red-Green Anaglyph Videos and Images[edit | edit source]

The 3D perception is determined by the provision of different images to each eye. Red-Green Anaglyphic Videos and Images use implement this concept by combining a red and an green image into one image.

Examples Images/Videos[edit | edit source]

The 3D effect can only be seen with a low cost paper red-green glasses:

Options to Create Anaglyph Images[edit | edit source]

Left Image Right Image Anaglyph Result
Mircophone Image LEFT
Mircophone Image RIGHT
Mircophone Image ANAGLYPH
Remark: You see that,
  • the cyan image shifted to the left and
  • the red image shifted to the right.
place the filters of the glasses as follows:
  • cyan filter is placed before the right eye and
  • red filter is placed before the left eye (opposite of shift of colored images)

  • Crop an object in ONE image and shift the object shifted to right and apply red and cyan/green to the image and merge the two images with opacity of the layers.
  • Create an anaglyph Video in Blender.

Create Red-Green 3D Anaglyph Media[edit | edit source]

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

  • Learn how to install the Anaglyph script in GIMP step by step.
  • Explain why the two images for the OpenSource Anaglyph Plugin in Gimp needs a horizontal shift of about 3-4cm to generate the 3D illusion with the Red-Green-glasses.
  • Explain the purpose of the color filters of your 3D glasses.

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