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Please list here institutions that you think would be interested in collaborating with Wikiversity. Please try to be specific about what kinds of collaboration you think might be possible. For example, you might know of specific kinds of activities they do that Wikiversity could help with and vice versa.

Ways to utilize Wikiversity[edit source]

Workspaces[edit source]

Some groups have created workspaces within Wikiversity to facilitate learning, and also so that they could link to Wikiversity learning projects, thereby using resources in a more direct way. Some examples include, SchoolForge and UNIT-E. If your group would like a workspace at Wikiversity, please feel free to create a page in the main namespace using your organization's name as the page title. For the sake of keeping Wikiversity somewhat organized, it would be appreciated if you would add Category:Workspaces at the bottom and other appropriate categories at the bottom and include links on your page to relevant Schools, Divisions and Departments.

Meta Collab at Wikia[edit source]

Meta Collab at Wikia now has a Wikiversity article, discussion area and Wikiversity update section. A local Wikiversity article, Wikia, in the main namespace includes an opt-in listing for Wikiversity projects that would like to be represented at their appropriate spots within the Wikia metacommunity. Please provide constructive feedback on the talk page here or at Talk:Wikia. Thanks in advance.

  • WikiEducator - WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative planning of education projects linked with the development of free content.
  • Qedoc - Qedoc specialises in creating highly interactive learning activities and does so on a primarily charitable basis for the open educational resources community. Our software is not yet appropriate for creating interactive learning activities for MediaWiki-driven sites like Wikiversity. However Qedoc is interested in developing such a technology. A discussion page for the proposal has been started here (page could be transferred to Wikiversity if this is adopted as a project). Wikiversity people are requested to express views and help steer planning.
  • Vietnam OpenCourseWare This is the result of the cooperation between Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), and VASC Software and Media Company (VASC) since 2005. Our aspiration is to make OCW/OER features rich, accessible, and reusable at no cost for Vietnamese faculty members, students and self-learners.
  • Center for Village Science - contains innovative simple and low cost/no cost science experiments and other teaching aids, which could be helpful to the teachers to improve the science teaching especially for the teachers in the villages (India).
  • Le web pédagogique - French OER blogging site; perhaps for consideration by the French Wikiversity.

Projects[edit source]

  • Wikipedia outreach. Wikipedia generally prohibits discussion of topics on article talk pages, and that is often violated, with users being threatened, on occasion, with blocks. Wikiversity invites discussion as part of "learning by doing" that is core to our mission. This outreach project will organize the placement of sister wiki templates on Wikipedia articles, the development of a local discussion guideline that could be interwiki linked in a the generic w:Template:Not a forum talk page template, presenting Wikiversity as a place to discuss topics of interest, and then guidance as to how to do that nondisruptively. The project will then organize outreach activities, to ensure maximum visibility while minimizing duplication and disruption.

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