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WikiEducator is an education-oriented wiki that aims to produce a free version of the education curriculum. WikiEducator has a collection of learning content in a variety of disciplines, with a unique approach to developing learning content. The project has a strong focus on users contributing free content resources, often linking incentives to the process of contribution to encourage users to participate; as a result, WikiEducator has built up a strong content database.

The WikiEducator site is powered by the MediaWiki software, which also powers Wikiversity, however WikiEducator has taken advantage of innovative extensions to the software to provide further technical infrastructure to facilitate learning. For example, the project is experimenting with collaborative video through the Kaltura system.

Relationship with Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

The founder of WikiEducator, Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, sits on the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation, and has a Wikiversity account. User:Countrymike/BrentSimpson and User:Leighblackall are admins/custodians on both WikiEducator and Wikiversity. Erik Möller from Wikipedia and various other Wikimedia projects is on the WikiEducator Community Council and has run the hosting for WikiEducator as of April 2006. User:Leighblackall and User:Ktucker have also been significant contributors to both wikis and both are on the WikiEducator Community Council.

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