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  • w:Wikipedia:Expert retention. Wikiversity is a place where expertise is given full scope in expression. Professors often start Wikiversity resources and use them in classes. Experts are welcome here; this is still a wiki, and anyone may edit, but our site policies also allow full expression and if Randy from Boise and an expert get into an argument over content, there are ways for both Randy and the expert to fully express themselves. That isn't generally possible on Wikipedia. Resources may be developed here that might later inform Wikipedia process, not as if Wikiversity itself is a reliable source (it is not), but because Wikiversity material may organize knowledge to make it accessible, and then the community of Wikipedia editors working on an article there may become more fully informed. RfC is also possible on Wikipedia to change an article there, all at once, to an improved version developed elsewhere, that's been done, and it worked.
Experts are commonly at risk of being blocked on Wikipedia, because they imagine that their years of study and academic accomplishments should count for something. That doesn't work on Wikipedia, but it can work here. So we'd like experts to know that they are welcome on Wikiversity, and will generally be protected. We do require civility. Any academic worth his salt knows how to handle that, though not all will refrain from telling Randy off. Keep it educational, folks! "You are an idiot" doesn't teach much or, for that matter, learn much. --Abd (discusscontribs) 18:45, 26 January 2014 (UTC) (Remove signature if this text becomes consensus, or on modifying this text)[reply]
  • w:Template:Not a forum is to be used only on Talk pages where there have been "large amounts of chatter," which, on Wikipedia, includes discussion the topic, asking questions about the topic, anything but discussion aimed at improving the article, and sometimes even the latter is interpreted as discussion of the topic. (I.e, it can be impossible to see POV without understanding the topic, and often editors don't. Randy means well, but unfortunately, hasn't done his homework yet.)
So What links here should, in theory, be a treasure trove of talk pages, many, many thousands of them, where there has been considered to be excessive discussion.
Participants, please do not dive in to handle invitation to Wikiversity, until we have some consensus here as to how to proceed. Premature action could lead to premature rejection, which can be difficult to overcome on Wikipedia. --Abd (discusscontribs) 18:45, 26 January 2014 (UTC) (Remove signature if this text becomes consensus, or on modifying this text)[reply]


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