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Wikiversity's educational content can be described by the general term "learning resources". Learning resources can be roughly divided into learning materials and learning projects. Some learning resources are "lessons". Repeating: all lessons, learning activities, learning materials, and educational content belongs on pages of the main Wikiversity namespace.

Main namespace

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The main namespace is intended for the educational content of Wikiversity. Pages in the main namespace are given names with NO prefix, for example: Cell Biology (ie not School:Biology - which is in the "School:" namespace). If you want to add content right now, just create main namespace pages and start typing in your information. If you are concerned about how to organize Wikiversity content pages, read the rest of the page, below.

See Wikiversity:Namespaces for a description of how the main namespace relates to all the other Wikiversity namespaces. In the future, Wikiversity will have many learning resources. Wikiversity needs a way to organize learning resources according to a hierarchy of conventional academic topics. To aid in this organization, Wikiversity uses three meta-discussion namespaces: the "School:", "Topic:" and "Portal:" namespaces. These three namespaces serve to organize the efforts of Wikiversity participants while they develop the educational content of Wikiversity

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