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Wikiversity is a project from the Wikimedia Foundation, along with a number of other projects - all of which are free content and all of which are developed through the medium of a wiki. These "sister projects" are listed below, along with a short description of each.

Projects[edit source]

Wikipedia[edit source]

An encyclopedia

Wikibooks[edit source]


Wiktionary[edit source]


Commons[edit source]

Media repository - Images, soundfiles etc.

Wikisource[edit source]

Source texts

Wikinews[edit source]

News stories

Wikiquote[edit source]


Wikispecies[edit source]

Directory of species

These are not sister projects, per se, but are intrinsically related to the work of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Meta-Wiki[edit source]

Multilingual, multiproject collaboration

Wikimedia Foundation[edit source]

Details of the Wikimedia Foundation

There are also various committees of the Wikimedia Foundation, and national chapters associated with the Foundation, many of which have their own wikis - details at m:Wikimedia committees and m:Wikimedia chapters

MediaWiki[edit source]

Development of and documentation on the mediawiki software that Wikimedia wikis run on

Wikimedia Incubator[edit source]

Language editions which do not yet have their own separate wiki, and test them whether to open one

Related resources[edit source]