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Banning a Wikiversity participant from editing does not disable a user's ability to edit any page. Banning should not be confused with blocking.

A ban is a community agreement that prohibits a person from editing one or more pages at Wikiversity for a specific duration of time. If you are unable to resolve a conflict with another Wikiversity participant on your own, you may request community feedback at Wikiversity:Community Review. The Wikiversity community may as a result of reviewing your case decide that a ban is necessary to resolve the conflict.

When requesting a community review, you must provide links demonstrating the problem, links that show attempts to resolve the problem on your own, and a detailed description of how the edits or actions may violate official policies or guidelines, or harms Wikiversity. You must also notify any users that you are discussing on their talk page, and notify any participants of the learning projects that could be effected by a community decision. If the community decides to impose a ban, the pages involved in the ban, the duration of the ban, and the people who are banned must be clearly stated. If the community decides that a person should be banned from editing all pages, a custodian may block the person for the duration of the ban citing "community ban" as the reason.

A ban must not be suggested lightly, as the very act itself can be seen as violating Wikiversity:Civility and Wikiversity:Assume Good Faith.

Enforcing bans[edit source]

During the specified duration of a ban, if a banned user edits a page that they are banned from editing then those banned edits can be reverted.

Bans at other Wikimedia projects[edit source]

Wikiversity participants who have been banned at other projects are welcome to participate constructively at Wikiversity.

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