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some learning mechanisms[edit | edit source]

English French German
中国 habituation habituation Gewöhnung / Habituation 馴化 습관 alışkanlık
古典制約 classical conditioning conditionnement classique klassische Konditionierung 古典的条件付け 고전 컨디셔닝 klasik koşullanma
操作制約 operant conditioning conditionnement opérant operante Konditionierung オペラント条件づけ 자발적 컨디셔닝 edimsel koşullanma
游戏 exploring / game / play explorer / jeu Spielverhalten ゲームの振る舞い 게임 동작 araştırmak / oynamak
仿制 imitation
-> learning by observing
-> apprendre par observations
-> Lernen d. Beobachtungen
模倣 모방 imitasyon
-> 認知 学习
recombinant behavior
-> cognitive learning
comportement nouveau combiné
-> cognitif apprentissage
Neukombiniertes Verhalten
-> Lernen durch Einsicht
知的学習 인지적 학습 kavramsal öğrenme
铭印 imprinting empreinte Prägung 刷り込み 정도를 imprinting
传统 tradition tradition Tradition 伝統 전통 gelenek

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