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Part of the School of Chemistry and the School of Biology
Biochemistry Portal

Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of living beings.

This department gathers and organizes contents on Biochemistry. Of course, Biochemistry being a laboratory-based subject, it will be hard for you to do anything practical with this.

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  • Jul 13, 2013 - Department undergoes re-design (under School of Chemistry renovation)
  • Apr 24, 2007 - Department of Biochemistry founded!
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Biochemistry for the Chemistry Course is discussed here.

Learning materials

  • Biomolecules -- Structures, classification and properties of:
    1. w:Nucleic acids
    2. w:Amino acids
    3. w:Protein
    4. w:Carbohydrate
    5. w:Lipid
  • Laboratory and Analytical Methods
    1. Gamma counting
    2. Beta counting
    3. w:Enzyme assays
    4. w:PCR
    5. w:Surface Plasmon Resonance
      1. In vivo nucleic acids synthesis
      2. In vitro DNA synthesis
      3. Nucleic acid degradation, pyrimidine and purine catabolism
      4. w:Peptide bond
      5. In vivo protein synthesis
      6. In vitro protein synthesis
      7. w:Micronutrients and w:Vitamins
      8. w:Enzymes
      9. Enzymatic catalysis models
      10. Regulation of metabolic pathways
    • Amino acids
      1. w:Decarboxylation
      2. w:Transamination
      3. General amino acid synthesis
      4. General amino acid catabolism
      5. Special amino acid metabolism
      6. Amino acid interconversion
      7. w:Urea cycle, item
      8. Gamma-glutamyl cycle
    • Carbohydrates
      1. w:Glycolysis
      2. Krebs' cycle
      3. w:Pyruvate decarboxylation
      4. The ATP cycle
      5. w:Oxidative phosphorilation
      6. w:Photosynthesis
      7. Dickens-Horecker cycle
      8. Hexose interconversions
      9. w:Gluconeogenesis
      10. w:Glycogenesis
      11. w:Glycogenolysis
      12. w:Cori cycle
      13. Carbohydrate regulation mechanism: w:glucagon and w:insulin
    • Lipids
      1. w:fatty acids
      2. Essential fatty acids, item, poly-unsaturated fatty acids (w:PUFA); w:eicosanoids: w:prostaglandins, w:thromboxanes, w:prostacyclin and w:leukotrienes.
      3. The w:lipid bilayer, item, and transport across it
      4. w:Lipid peroxidation
      5. Acylglycerols
      6. Triacylglycerols
      7. Sn system
      8. w:Carnitine and membrane transport of fatty acids
      9. w:Fatty acid oxidations
      10. w:Beta oxidation
      11. w:Ketogenesis
      12. Lipid synthesis (w:lipogenesis)
      13. w:Arachidonic acid cascade and the eicosanoids (above)
      14. w:Lipoproteins and cholesterol
      15. The serum lipoprotein transport system
      16. w:Cholesterol metabolism, regulation and transport
      17. Lipoprotein metabolism
      18. w:Chylomicra and w:VLDL
      19. w:LDL and w:HDL
      20. Regulation of lipoprotein metabolism