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  • Help form active Wikiversity learning communities: see Reading groups.
  • Wiki Campus Radio (once called "Wikio") is getting closer to becoming a reality. This audio learning platform will help "increase participation in Wikiversity while strengthening its community and extending its reach." get involved
  • Summer is here and the Bloom clock project is looking for blooming flowers. Anyone with a digital camera or even a notepad can help out!
  • Flag of France.svg The French Department is in need of an Instructor and contributers.
  • New learning project: Collaboratively-building concepts.
  • Users interested in learning Spanish should sign up at Spanish/Students.
  • Register language of interest We have a threshold of ten interested participants to initiate a dedicated language domain away from the beta.wikiversity.org incubator site.
  • Update the links on this page from Wikipedia links to Wikiversity links.
  • Create pages from the redlinks on this page (if required and useful)
  • New learning project: English as a Second Language (ESL) project in coordination with The Justin M. Dart Foundation (www.justindart.net). We are looking for volunteers and teachers to help create a FREE online English learning program. Please email jdart1@gmail.com if interested!

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