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Topic feedback and add image[edit source]

Hi Was having a look through the chapters and yours looks great! I thought some images might help break up the text so I added one of Leonardo Da Vinci. Feel free to delete if you dont like it. Good luck with the rest of it! --U3135539 (discusscontribs) 09:55, 20 October 2017 (UTC)

Comment[edit source]

I suggest having more interaction on the page. I also suggested having more hyperlinks to other wiki pages in order to provide more information. Otherwise well done. Wojak McFeelson (discusscontribs) 18:32, 23 October 2017 (UTC) Wojak McFeelson Wojak McFeelson (discusscontribs) 18:32, 23 October 2017 (UTC)

Chapter review and feedback[edit source]

This chapter has been reviewed according to the marking criteria. Written feedback is provided below, plus there is a general feedback page. Please also check the chapter's page history to check for editing changes made whilst reviewing through the chapter. Responses to this feedback can be made by starting a new section below and/or contacting the reviewer. Chapter marks will be available later via Moodle, along with social contribution marks and feedback. Keep an eye on Announcements.

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Overall[edit source]

  1. Overall, this was a promising, if somewhat brief, chapter.
  2. Limited use of the interactive potential of the wiki environment is made.
  3. The chapter title and sub-title were misspelled and didn't match the book's list of chapters - has been fixed.
  4. For additional feedback, see these copyedits.

Theory[edit source]

  1. Basic coverage of relevant theory was provided. Description and explanation of the theory could have been expanded e.g., re TMT.
  2. Two famous, useful/interesting examples of the benefits of procrastination.

Research[edit source]

  1. Basic description of some relevant research is provided.
  2. When describing important research findings, indicate the size of effects in addition to whether or not there was an effect or relationship.
  3. Greater emphasis on major reviews and meta-analyses would be helpful.
  4. Some statements were unreferenced - see the [factual?] tags

Written expression[edit source]

  1. Written expression
    1. Obtaining (earlier) comments on a chapter plan and/or chapter draft could have helped to improve the chapter.
  2. Learning features
    1. Adding interwiki links would make the text more interactive.
    2. No relevant See also links were provided
    3. Limited use of image images.
    4. No tables.
    5. Some useful quiz questions.
  3. Spelling, grammar and proofreading
    1. The grammar for some sentences could be improved - see the [grammar?] tags
  4. APA style
    1. Numbers under 10 should be written in words (e.g., five); numbers 10 and over should be written in numbers (e.g., 10)
    2. Use APA style for Figure captions
    3. References are not in full APA style:
      1. Add italics
      2. Use the shortest possible URLs - many were unneccessarily long
    4. Do not include issue numbers for journals which are continuously numbered within volumes.

Multimedia feedback

The accompanying multimedia presentation has been marked according to the marking criteria. Marks are available via the unit's Moodle site. Written feedback is provided below, plus see the general feedback page. Responses to this feedback can be made by starting a new section below. If you would like further clarification about the marking or feedback, contact the unit convener.


Overall[edit source]

  1. Overall, this is a very basic presentation.

Structure and content[edit source]

  1. Add and narrate a Title slide, to help the viewer understanding the focus and goal of the presentation.
  2. Citations?
  3. Images?
  4. The presentation could be strengthened by adding a Conclusion slide with practical, take-home messages.

Communication[edit source]

  1. Consider leaving longer pauses between sentences. This can help the viewer to cognitively digest the information that has just been presented before moving on to the next point.
  2. Basic text-based / audio narration presentation.

Production quality[edit source]

  1. Use the full chapter title and sub-title on the opening slide and in the name of the video because this helps to match the book chapter and to clearly convey the purpose of the presentation.
  2. Provide a link from the description field to the book chapter.

-- Jtneill - Talk - c 09:57, 28 November 2017 (UTC)