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General feedback about the
multimedia presentation exercise

This page provides a summary of reviewer feedback about the Motivation and emotion multimedia presentations for 2014.

Marks[edit | edit source]

The mean mark in was XX.X without late penalties (XX.X after late penalties). Average marks in previous years were:

  1. 2013, 74.6% without late penalties (73.7% after late penalties)
  2. 2011, 71.9% without late submission penalties and 70.3% after late penalties.

Example presentations[edit | edit source]

One good way to get further feedback about the multimedia presentation exercise is to watch some of the commendable presentations.

High quality presentations in 2014 are indicated with the Maroons de Montréal.svg symbol in the table of contents. The top presentation was about X.

Also note that feedback about each presentation can be found on the respective talk pages.

Marking criteria[edit | edit source]

Below are some general comments about this exercise.

Overall[edit | edit source]

Structure and content[edit | edit source]

Communication[edit | edit source]

Production quality[edit | edit source]

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