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u3054871's feedback[edit]

Hi there, I've done some research on your topic and added a reference to your page and suggested some topics to cover. Hope that helps!


Hey nathan, not sure if this will be of any help- but heres a journal article on the motivation to quit substance abuse, it has some studies within it and talks about a motivation based treatment. The journal is: Motivation to Quit Using Substances Among Individuals With Schizophrenia: Implications for a Motivation-Based Treatment Model. Authors:

 Ziedonis, Douglas M., Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
Trudeau, Kimberlee, Yale University, Connecticut Mental Health Center, New Haven, CT, US


Chapter review and feedback

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A great effort on an extremely important chapter, well done.


The chapter covered a number of psychological and sociological models, well done. There was some evidence of critical analysis which was great to see. For future improvement, perhaps try focusing on a smaller number of theories in more details, and keep working on incorporating your critical analysis. Good job


The chapter clearly benefited from wide and relevant research, well done. There was some evidence of integration with research and the models – good job. For future improvement, critical analysis is necessary

Written expression[edit]

The chapter was generally well written, well done.

The learning features were good,I liked your quiz. For future improvement, try some in text links and some more figures. The APA style was consistent, remember to include APA style for all figures and to include DOI's and web addresses for all references. Good job!Courtney.reis (discusscontribs)

Multimedia feedback

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Overall a solid presentation, well done!

Structure and content[edit]

The presentation had good coverage of theory and the self help applications, well done. For future improvement, include more of the research studies to provide more integration with theory.


The presentation made good use of powerpoint, good work. Some of the slides tended to be text heavy. There was good use of images – for future improvement perhaps include a case study to make it more engaging for the viewer.

Production quality[edit]

The quality of the presentation was sound, and it made good use of basic powerpoint, well done. The audio quality was a little fuzzy. Great effort! Courtney.reis (discusscontribs)