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I don't know if you're already using these but here are a couple of references I found on this topic:

1. Marziali E., McDonald L. & Donahue P. 2008: The role of coping humor in the physical and mental health of older adults. Aging & Mental Health. 12(6):713-8

2. Wanzer M.B., Sparks L. & Frymier A.B. 2009: Humorous communication within the lives of older adults: the relationships among humor, coping efficacy, age, and life satisfaction. Health Communication. 24(2):128-36

Then a clinical application (an interesting study but I don't know if you want to use it :) ):

Christie W. & Moore C. 2005: The impact of humor on patients with cancer. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. 9(2):211-8

Hope this helps! Everysingleusernameistaken (discusscontribs) 02:36, 3 November 2013 (UTC)

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A good attempt at an interesting topic.


The theory presented was well identified. It would be useful to present another theory - perhaps a theory of coping which identifies humour as a coping mechanism would be a worthwhile inclusion? Critical analysis would also improve the chapter.


Some interesting research is presented. Try to integrate research with theory more fluently throughout. Also, peer-reviewed research should be used in academic writing. This is perferrable over your own qualitative information.

Written expression[edit]

Well done for including the quiz to facilitate some interaction. The structure of the chatper was clear but very basic. Please ensure you proof read your work before submitting - sometimes getting someone else to proof read can also be useful. Also, make sure all ideas that are taken from the literature are referenced. ShaunaB (discusscontribs)

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A nice summary of chapter content - well done!

Structure and content[edit]

Theory and research are well integrated into this presentation. Key concepts have been nicely identified. The flow of the presentation is clear and logical. Try to ensure that all studies cited are from peer-reviewed sources.


Information is communicated clearly and confidently. Pictures and graphs help to make the presentation more engaging. Including illustrative examples would have made the chapter more practical, and appropriate to accompany a self-help publication.

Production quality[edit]

Picture and sound quality are good. Basic production tools have been used correctly. The presentation is executed quite professionally.ShaunaB (discusscontribs)