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Hey! I've found two article with some good information to get you started, here they are: Physical touch affects emotional mood Good Luck:) Verity Foster-Greenwood (discusscontribs) 07:56, 21 October 2013 (UTC)

Hi there, I thought I'd leave a comment just to let you know I really enjoyed reading about this topic. You may want to reconsider all of the different colours which divide your paragraphs. I found that it was a little too much. Perhaps only use it when you want to highlight some important parts rather than just separating the paragraphs. Good job though! I really liked this one :) All the best! U3037098

Chapter review and feedback

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Overall, this is a beautifully presented and highly informative chapter - great job!


Theory is very well defined in this chapter, with a sound understanding of the concepts being demonstrated. Well done for selecting one main theory to explore thoroughly! To improve further, try to include more direct references to practical application.


Some really interesting research is presented with the appropriate level of detail for the target audience. Research and theory are well integrated. The chapter can be improved by including some evidence of critical analysis.

Written expression[edit]

This is a wonderfully presented chapter. The images and interactive features make it particularly interesting to read. While the 'DIY conclusion' is a great idea, the chapter can be improved through the addition of a short written conclusion. ShaunaB (discusscontribs)

Multimedia feedback

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A nice presentation, which summarises chapter content well.

Structure and content[edit]

Theory and research are very nicely integrated throughout. Key concepts for discussion have been well selected. The flow is also clear and logical.


This is an engaging and practical presentation. Ideas of clearly communicated, however, try to speak a little more slowly. Reading directly from the slides eliminated the need to listen to the audio, so I would encourage you to minimise slide content to key phrases and sentences.

Production quality[edit]

Sound and picture quality are both good. The presentation came across as quite professional, however this could have been improved by slowing down. ShaunaB (discusscontribs)