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Sample tests:

Standard SSE Template

See any of the pages under General on the Curriculum page - they all use the standard "SSE" theme combo.

Editing the following templates will potentially affect a lot of pages:

  • Template:Box themes combo - the themes (sandy, gaia, ...) associated with the various box types (nav, intro, preparation, tips, ...) in a particular page's theme combo (mix, sse, ...).
  • Template:Box Theme Attribute - specifies the attributes (border colour, foreground text colour, title text colour, title background colour, etc.) associated with each theme (blues, gaia, sandy, ...).
  • Template:Theme box image - specifies combinations of images associated with page theme combos (e.g. mix, sse, etc.).
  • Template:Module Page Image - images associated with (typically) a box type (e.g. navigator, orientation, tips, ...).

See also: Guidelines for Editors.

"Mix" to demo mixed themes

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