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Week 5/Module 5[edit | edit source]

The discussion this week will address what happens when customer service is not great, or in some examples- is absolutely horrible. When there is a customer service breakdown, we want to address service recovery and the result this has on customer loyalty.

The topic should be addressed in relation to how a service breakdown is an opportunity to increase loyalty (although the breakdown should not be the intended choice). Statistics related to this support increased loyalty with proper service recovery techniques.

TOPIC[edit | edit source]

Customer Service Breakdowns and Service Recovery

Students will learn about service breakdowns, be able to identify examples, and hear other examples provided.

Weekly Objective[edit | edit source]

LO1, LO2, LO3

Activity/Scaffolding[edit | edit source]

Chapter 10 Changing Work Environments and Future Trends

Take a walk on the virtual side Gazette article


United "[1]"

Carnival Cruise Ship "[2]"

Jet Blue "[3]"

United Breaks Guitars





Activity/Deliverable[edit | edit source]

The discussion will help students apply service recovery and understand the importance. What is an example of a service breakdown (can be your own personal example or one you have researched). What was the service recovery, how effective was it, and how likely are you (or from your research/the customer) to remain loyal to the organization from the example? What important aspects of service recovery were key (success or failure)?