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Week 4/Module 4[edit | edit source]

Several of the topics this week lead you to consider your own body language and what you convey to others. Both verbal and non verbal communications are so important to what we convey to others. Examples can include showing students how when you feet are pointing towards the door while communicating, when you arms are crossed (closing off your body), or you do not directly look someone in the face you are communicating something. Discussion with students about tone of voice, speed for talking, and other verbal cues can lead to other examples within the class. Some of these are culture bound, and the discussion can be specific to what things mean in various cultures as well.

TOPIC[edit | edit source]

Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

Weekly Objective[edit | edit source]

Students will discuss and evaluate verbal and non verbal communication.

Activity/Scaffolding[edit | edit source]

Video: “Busting the Mehrabian Myth” Discussion of the above needs to include this as an "alternative" view.

Video: Tonya Reiman, “The Power of Body Language

Activity/Deliverable[edit | edit source]

Group Project: Deliverable includes submission outlining the business the group has selected to work with. This should include documentation showing management or owner approval for the project to "measure, monitor, and suggest improvements" to customer service within the organization. Consideration should be given to whether existing standards exist for customer service within the organization and how the group will approach that. The group is NOT permitted to measure customer service based only on existing expectations within the organization.

Online Discussion Component: Nonverbal Communication Discussion: Students will select three terms and show a picture of how to convey each – examples like joy, grief, relaxation, fatigue, etc. Students must describe how each is conveyed and what nonverbal communication is used in each example.

Onsite Discussion Component: Students need to bring an image/picture (can be a character) showing nonverbal communication to show and describe in class. This can include role play to display instead of a physical image submission as an alternative.