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Week 1/Module 1[edit | edit source]

Week 1 of the course is normally a partial week.

TOPIC[edit | edit source]

Introductory activities and discussion of course expectations. The normal semester activities include an introduction to the course instructor, the syllabus, welcome notes for the course, and a "Must Read Resources" module discussing instructor expectations for cheating/plagiarism, late submission of work, and APA formatting standards.

Weekly Objective[edit | edit source]

Learning Goals for the course are discussed in this first week as an overview of the syllabus discussion in class.

Activity/Scaffolding[edit | edit source]

Activity 1: Students will complete a discussion introducing themselves. This can be in any number of ways (varied by semester) such as "3 truths and a lie," by answering prompts, or other ice breaker games applied to a discussion in online classes. Onsite classes my not have the same introduction activities, but can be applied as desired.

Activity 2: Scavenger hunt for online students to address components they "learned" from the syllabus. The answers can be physical submissions or an online "quiz" where answers are entered. This can include policies, contact information, or other expectations.

Activity 3: Students will take a "quiz" in week one of the course which states they have read the policies in the course regarding late homework submissions, plagiarism/cheating, and APA submission expectations.

Activity/Deliverable[edit | edit source]

Students become familiar with the course material and course expectations for the semester. Syllabus content (and related activities with this document) familiarize them with office hours, location, professor email, and other resources through the university.