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Week 13/Module 13[edit | edit source]

TOPIC[edit | edit source]


Weekly Objective[edit | edit source]

Learning Goals: LO3, LO4, LO5

Activity/Scaffolding[edit | edit source]

Alshurideh, M. T., Kurdi, B. A., Vij, A., & Obeidat, Z. (2016). Marketing ethics and relationship marketing- An empirical study that measure the effect of ethics practices application on maintaining relationships with customers. International Business Research, 9(9), 78-90.

Activity/Deliverable[edit | edit source]

Final Written Mystery Shop written work submitted The final written project includes the measurement document, all data collected, analysis of the collected information, recommendation, conclusion, and APA formatted reference.

Online: video of student group for an online course

Onsite: Presentation of project