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Outline[edit | edit source]

  1. Studying cognition
    1. Cognitive psychology and cognitive science
    2. Discovering the processes of mind
    3. Mental processes and mental resources
  2. Language use
    1. Language production
    2. Language understanding
    3. Language and evolution
    4. Language, thought, and culture
  3. Visual cognition
    1. Using visual representations
    2. Combining verbal and visual representations
  4. Problem solving and reasoning
    1. Problem solving
    2. Deductive reasoning
    3. Inductive reasoning
  5. Judgment and decision making
    1. Heuristics and judgment
    2. The psychology of decision making

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Difference between serial and parallel processes
  2. Automatic and controlled processes
  3. Grice’s maxims for language production
  4. Forms of ambiguity in language comprehension
  5. Inference in the cognitive processing of language
  6. Dual-coding – combining verbal and visual representations
  7. “Problem space,” and its relationship to problem solving
  8. Problem-solving skills and techniques to improve them
  9. Deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning
  10. Heuristics in judgments and decision making
  11. Framing and decision making

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