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This portal page is a guide to Wikiversity learning resources about the Wikimedia Foundation and its wiki projects such as Wikipedia and Wikibooks.

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Wikimedia Foundation
The Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates educational wikis such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks and Wikiversity.

Wikimedia Studies


As the first and largest Wikimedia project, the Wikipedia community has invented many tools and processes for managing a large collaborative project. In some cases, normal community processes are unable to resolve disputes that arise within the Wikipedia community. A special committee of elected arbitrators was established to resolve such disputes. The Wikiversity learning project about the Wikipedia arbitration committee allows Wikimedians to explore how the arbitration committee functions.

Content development

Wikipedia had its origins at Nupedia. Nupedia was an attempt to make a free content encyclopedia with articles written only by experts. Wikipedia started as an experimental use of wiki technology at a website where "anyone could edit" the encyclopedia articles. Wikipedia soon grew rapidly while the conventional Nupedia approach to article creation remained painfully slow. Within a short period of time, the original Nupedia process for article creation by experts was abandoned. Wikipedia is now one of the most frequently visited websites in the world and it has millions of articles. Since Wikipedia is only for the creation of encyclopedia articles, some members of the community decided to create additional wikis for other types of content such as textbooks (see Wikibooks, below).


Wikibooks is the Wikimedia project devoted to textbooks. The Wikiversity project started as pages at the Wikibooks website. Wikiversity learning resources can make use of Wikibooks textbooks as learning materials.


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Learning projects
Special projects

In addition to the major Wikimedia Foundation wiki projects (see above) there are also some special purpose wikis. At the bottom of the page for this list of wikis there are the following wikis:
advisory - arbcom-en - auditcom - board - chair - chapcom - comcom - commons - exec - grants - incubator - internal - meta - nostalgia - office - otrs-wiki - quality - searchcom - sources - spcom - species - test - Wikimania wikis
The meta-wiki is for coordination of Wikimedia projects and also hosts special events like elections of community members to the Board of Trustees. Wikimedia Commons is a collection of media files that can be used by all the other Wikimedia projects.

Major Wikiversity Portals

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