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Sharing Ideas

for significant social impact ...

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Where are we going with this?

Raising Awareness of an idea and developing the idea further.

Ideas improve with sharing.

How to share ideas.


Recommended preparation

Explore your prior knowledge and experience. What factors would you consider when sharing ideas?

Target audiences, channels of communication, aims, ...

Think broadly: reaching youth via soccer fields, community centres, community radio, the Internet (social networking sites, etc.), ...



Read Lessig on the future of ideas and associated discussions on the Internet.

Recap: Developing a Social Entrepreneurial Idea.

Growth Opportunities

Include ...

  • Understanding the value and purpose of sharing ideas.
  • Practical ways of sharing ideas and raising awareness.
  • Radiate "abundance" and growth of ideas while inspiring others to enhance and refine them.


Getting there

Try sharing some of your own ideas and see how they grow ...


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