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Developing a Social Entrepreneurial Idea

from concept to social impact

Type classification: this resource is a course.
Completion status: this resource is a stub, so not much has been done yet.
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Where are we going with this?

Ideas come from many angles ... community-needs-driven, technology-inspired, business opportunities, .... There is no shortage of ideas. The real challenge is to translate ideas into social benefit in a sustainable manner.

Before you start

Recommended preparation

It may be wise to check out some of the earlier modules and look ahead to what's coming. This module is pivotal.



  • Recall community lead innovation.
  • Consider how this module is affected by the others.

Growth Opportunities

Include ...

  • Developing an awareness of options for finding or generating social entrepreneurial ideas
    • Generating questions
  • Learning about techniques for idea elicitation and development.
  • Coming up with an idea for your project.
  • Taking the idea to fruition.
  • Learning how to facilitate, catalyse and/or participate meaningfully in collaborative idea generation and refinement.


Getting there

  • Draw up a checklist of what needs to happen for the seed of an idea to grow into towering tree.
  • Share it with others, and consider a joint checklist.
  • Revisit and modify your checklist frequently and notice how it changes.
  • What have you learned in the process?


Next step

Take a look at the relevant Activities and do those which are best suited to your learning style and which meet your needs.