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Putting it all Together

- synthesising and communicating the process and learning

Progress-0000.svg Completion status: this resource is a stub, so not much has been done yet.

Select activities which best meet your needs and take a look at the Resources page for tools which might help.

Write up:

Structuring your report[edit | edit source]

Each project will produce a unique report. This section is intended to develop guidelines for report writing optionally using the tools above. In this century, the report could consist of multiple components in multiple formats on various media. However you choose to do it, a sensible structure should:

  • Introduce the reader to the context and challenges
  • Outline your approach to
    • gaining an understanding of the context
    • surfacing needs, challenges, opportunities, ...
    • generating possible social interventions
    • designing solutions ...
  • Describe activities and tools used in the process
  • Assess your level of success or effectiveness
  • Discuss the learning and suggest the way forward.


Experiential Learning[edit | edit source]

This is your next step in the community engagement process. Activities here will be extended in future modules/units and build on previous.

The pattern will generally be:

Preparation and planning ... field work/ quest ... learn ... come back and share ... create links under Community ....

By this stage, plans for long term collaboration should be in place and be reinforced in your last meeting (as part of this course). Schedule the next meeting which will be independent of this course.

Share the Report[edit | edit source]

Especially with relevant collaborators in this process - be sure to acknowledge everyone!

What Next?[edit | edit source]

Be a social entrepreneur, participate in social entrepreneurial activities, and contribute to the portal.

Ideas for further work: