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Putting it all Together

- synthesising and communicating the process and learning

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Where are we going with this?

During the process of studying social entrepreneurship, learners typically need to produce some sort of report on activities, learning and possible follow-up. The output may take the form of a strategy document indicating how to take the idea forward and make the intended impact. It might include a business plan and suggestions for monitoring and valuation.

This page is intended to guide educators and learners to resources and approaches to producing the report.


Recommended preparation

During the semester, you have studied the concept of social entrepreneurship, made contact with organisations and individuals associated with communities in your country, surfaced some of the challenges and collaborated in designing possible ways of mobilising communities to meeting the challenges through social innovation and other ideas.

The Resources section indicates various FLOSS and online resources which may be of use for reporting purposes. Some of the tools may be used from day 1 of your project and be useful throughout. In the end, you may end up with a collection of resources which simply need to be packaged into a final report.

Examples include: minutes of meetings, reports on site visits, blog and wiki resources you developed, etc.

Use those tools which are appropriate for your context.



  • Preview the Resources
  • Revise the tools and processes covered earlier in the Social Entrepreneurship curriculum

Anticipated Learning Outcomes

Include ...

Mastering Tools of the trade:

  • How to use ICT and other tools for
    • efficiency
    • making sense of the context
    • communication.

Integration and Synthesis:

This module is an adjunct to the entire course. Using the tools described here you will be able to continuously and efficiently capture the process, the learning and be able to communicate these with stakeholders.

These skills are of general value in the working world.


Getting there

Select your tool set as early as possible, and then focus on mastering the tool(s) on a needs-driven, hands-on, learn by doing basis.


Next step

Do the Activities