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This aim of this article is to provide links to external articles on tabulations of fundamental physics formulae, laws, principles, definitions of important quantities, and their application to useful results which are frequently encountered in physical problems. As physics is such a large subject, each branch of physics requires its own article for tabuluations of equations.

The scope is that of advanced school/ introductory degree level Physics, and beyond. For generality the language of calculus (including multiple integrals and partial differentials), vector algebra and calculus and matrices is neccersary. Tensors are also sometimes required for generality, but kept to a minimum. Only SI units and their corresponding dimensions are used (i.e. no natural/characteristic units or non-dimensional equations).

Fundamental, General Quantities[edit | edit source]

The quantities below recur throughout all fields of physics, characteristic to the foundational SI units. The articles which follow use this nomenclature unless otherwise stated.

Quantity (Common Name/s) (Common) Symbol/s SI Units Dimension
Length, width, height, depth

m [L]
(Spatial) Position Vector m [L]
Area m2 [L]2
Area Vector m2 [L]2
Volume m3 [L]3
Plane Angle rad dimensionless
Solid Angle sr dimensionless
Angular Position,

Angle (of Rotation)

rad dimensionless
Time s [T]
Mass kg [M]
Temperature K [Te]

Derived General Quantities[edit | edit source]

Many quantities in the classical physics section, such as mass, momentum, force, energy are are also continuously used throughout all fields of physics, with appropriate modifications. They are not fundamental as they can be derived.

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