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Wiki2ODF is format cross-compilation pair that creates ODF documents for LibreOffice in a Webbrowser (see WebODF and WebODF Demos and wtf_wikipedia. The implementation in a browser as WebApp needs e.g. ** JSZip to compress the generated ODT-file,

  • WgetJS to download media files from WikiMedia Commons for integration into the ZIP file ODT.
  • WebODF currently stores mathematical expressions loaded in the WebODF interface but the current versions of WebODF in the demo, do not display the mathematical expression. On the positive side, WebODF does not remove mathematical expressions after loading, edits of visible text elements are saved the ODF again without loosing the mathematical expressions in the document. Thus, the only thing missing for the mathematical expressions is MathJax to display the mathematical formulas as well. For editing documents by learners who do not need a mathematical expressions for performing the learning tasks, the existing implementation of WebODF for client-side editing of documents may already be sufficient.
  • Common pitfall of unzipping and zipping ODT files is, that zipping the unzipped folder does not add the mime type at first in the ZIP. This is necessary to preserve the integrity of the ODT file. Updating the content.xml in the ODT file without unzipping and zipping the folder again is a possible workaround too.

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

  • Assume we have a learning task in which the learner extend an given content with individuals results of the learning progress (e.g. add a snapshot of the learning result on the table or create a report of exploration of a specific location (e.g. see Real World Lab). These individual comments and contributions are not meant to shared in Wikiversity. Only the learning task is provided as a structured document to the learner. This implies the following workflow:
    • fetch the Wiki source (similar to the first step of Wiki2Reveal)
    • convert the learning task document to ODF for the learner that want to perform the learning task,
    • the learner add individual comments and media to the document on the client side without uploading the modification to a remote server (privacy),
    • document will be stored locally on the client and used in school, colleges, ... as digital product (e.g. homework)
  • Explore the OpenSource infrastructure of WebODF and perform an analysis how Wiki Markdown can be converted into a ODF format.

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