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Wiki2ODF is format cross-compilation pair that creates ODF documents for LibreOffice in a Webbrowser (see WebODF and WebODF Demos and wtf_wikipedia. The implementation in a browser as WebApp needs e.g. ** JSZip to compress the generated ODT-file,

    • WgetJS to download media files from WikiMedia Commons for integration into the ZIP file ODT.
    • WebODF currently stores mathematical expressions loaded in the WebODF interface but the current versions of WebODF in the demo, do not display the mathematical expression. Positive is, that WebODF does not remove mathematical expressions after loading, editing visible text elements and save the ODF again.
    • Common pitfall of unzipping and zipping ODT files is, that zipping the unzipped folder does not add the mime type at first in the ZIP. This is necessary to preserve the integrity of the ODT file. Updating the content.xml in the ODT file without unzipping and zipping the folder again is a possible workaround too.