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Wiki2ODT creates from the Wiki source e.g. in Wikiversity or Wikipedia an LibreOffice Document that can be edited.

Workflow[edit | edit source]

  • download the Wiki Source in an AppLSAC-0 (WebApp with a client side converter in the browser) with wtf_fetch.
  • load an ODT template/raw ODT file that defines the layout of the final product. ODT are ZIP files that can be handled with JSZip in an AppLSAC-0.
  • convert the source with `wtf_wikipedia` (ToDo: HTML exported exists - ODF output format must be implemented)
  • Provide a file output from the browser as an emulated download with FileSaver.js by Eli Grey.

Learning Resource[edit | edit source]

This learning resource is about the foundations to create such a WebApp as Wiki Converter for LibreOffice documents. If the HTML5 WebApp is implemented it a allows a client side conversion of Wiki markdown sources into LibreOffice documents.

  • first step is already implemented with wtf_fetch
  • as parsers into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) wtf_wikipedia by Spencer Kelly is available, but it produces currently
    • plain text,
    • LaTeX,
    • Markdown and
    • JSON
as output. It is recommended to analyse the syntax of converting files with PanDoc/Try and learn about compilation of text documents.

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