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Review process for multimedia presentations

For each presentation, markers should:

  1. Watch the presentation. Ignore any presentation material over 5 minutes long.
  2. Allocate marks based on the:
    1. Multimedia guidelines and
    2. Marking criteria
  3. Note that full marks could be achieved with effective use of basic production tools.
  4. In the marking spreadsheet, allocate a mark out of 100 for each of the three marking criterion. A total will be created automatically.
  5. Note: Don't worry about the submission date - any late penalties will be applied later by the unit convener.
  6. Add feedback on the chapter's Wikiversity talk page, using {{MEMF/2020}}. Make sure you are logged in with a Wikiversity user account. See this screencast for a demonstration. In general, feedback should include:
    1. An overall comment and comments in relation to each of the three marking criteria (structure and content, communication, production quality). Try to comment on the main aspect(s) done well and the main area(s) for improvement.
    2. In general, try to follow these style principles in making comments:
      1. Avoid personalisation (e.g., second person point of view reference to you/your, e.g., you spoke too fast) - comment instead about the multimedia presentation in third person e.g., "the presentation is well-paced" or "the presentation could be improved by using longer pauses between slides"
      2. Emphasise future rather than past (e.g., "readability of the visual information could be improved by using a larger font size" rather than "the font was too small").
      3. Emphasise solutions rather than problems (e.g., "readability of the visual information could be improved by using a larger font size" rather than "the font was too small").
      4. Avoid indicating actual or even approximate grade in the comments, as this is private information. Feedback comments are provided publically on Wikiversity, however the specific marks will be only be available to the student via Canvas.
      5. Summarise commonly repeated feedback here: general feedback (or send to unit convener).
  7. If in doubt about anything or wanting a second opinion about a presentation, contact the unit convener.