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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." — Albert Einstein (discuss)


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Welcome to Wikiversity, a wiki website where you are invited to explore your learning goals and participate in active learning projects. Everyone is welcome to help create and develop learning resources. If you are not experienced with wikis then you can get started by taking a look at this tutorial. You can also click here to learn about wiki websites. To learn how Wikiversity relates to other Wikimedia Foundation projects such as Wikipedia and Wikibooks, checkout Wikiversity as a Wikimedia sister project. You can get live feedback from the chatroom #wikiversity-en. A guided tour is also available.

Wikiversity is a community for the creation of learning activities and development of free learning materials. Students and teachers are invited to join the project as collaborators in teaching, learning, and research. Wikiversity strives to be an open and vibrant community where you can explore and learn about your personal interests. Wikiversity hosts and develops free learning materials for all age groups. Please participate and help build collaborative learning projects and communities; at Wikiversity we learn by doing, we learn by editing.

Today's featured project

Web Design is an incredibly fun skill to learn - combining the latest toys of technology with the creativity of design! On top of that, learning web design is unique in that we can learn directly from current professionals who publish their techniques for all to read on their own Web-logs! You'll find below a growing number of topics that we think provide a good foundation for any web designer. We're also working on the requirements for formal qualifications, so you can start collecting evidence of your skills towards a formal qualification in your country. Of course, if you have anything to add or improve then please join us and contribute!

Yesterday's featured project

Technical writing - This course offers Level 1 and Level 2 courses in technical writing, plus a workshop on writing system requirement specifications. We're constantly updating and restructuring our content, and welcome your active participation in building and improving this learning community.


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