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The Interdisciplinary Studies Portal

Welcome to the portal for Interdisciplinary Studies! This portal features learning projects and other learning resources that have been developed by the Wikiversity Interdisciplinary Studies content development projects.


Featured learning resource

Charles Darwin

Participants in the Science as Religion learning project explore the published literature on this topic then write and discuss their own essays about the relationship between science and religion.

Is Darwinism a religion? Is the very concept something deserving scorn? Is Einstein's theory of gravity a theory with religious implications, or a religion itself? Do such theories depend solely upon observational evidence, or, as the above title implies, could these theories be just simply dogma? Are verifiable observations to be interpreted as facts? Explore this investigation in the Science as Religion project.


Selected picture

Project participants develop course interdisciplinary course materials, improve wikimedia coverage of aquaculture, as well as conducting secondary (and where possible) primary research into economic, political, social and scientific aspects of aquaculture.


Selected research

Interview with Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki

Wiki Science is devoted to the development of user-friendly learning resources for study of Wiki Science.

Wiki science is the study of how the phenomenon of wikis work and grow in general.

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Did you know...

Paleontologists now routinely isolate and sequence Neanderthal DNA, allowing estimation of the time of the last common ancestor of Neanderthals and living humans. See Molecular Paleontology Reading Group.


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"Outside our heads there is freestanding reality. Only madmen and a scattering of constructivist philosophers doubts its existence." - Edward O. Wilson


Interdisciplinary Studies learning projects

Aquaculture Project - Collaboratively Building Concepts - Communication - Consilience - History and Strategy of Competitive Scrabble - Introduction to Palaeontology - Introduction to Cardiovascular Fitness - Molecular Paleontology Reading Group - Science as Religion - The Question - UFO research - Web 2.0 - The Crafting Freedom Project - Wikiversity Genomics Database


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Topic:Encyclopedism is new Topic on Wikiversity. Encyclopedism is a particular approach to interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary research. It has a long pedigree going back to Gottfried Liebniz. 31 October 2015

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