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Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Explore the concept and learn how to become a Social Entrepreneur.

Type classification: this resource is a course.
Completion status: this resource is a stub, so not much has been done yet.
Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
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Where are we going with this?

Not every learner on this course will become a social entrepreneur. However, every participant will learn about social entrepreneurship and gain a broader perspective on the types of work one can do which are relevant to society. The course covers a range of topics which are of general value (not only for aspiring social entrepreneurs).


Recommended preparation

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The social entrepreneurship course outlined here requires no prior knowledge of the topic, but it assumes the readers are literate, fluent in written English and at a level capable of synthesising the material for discussion with fellow learners/ educators and for practical application.


Growth Opportunities

Include ...

  • know something about social entrepreneurship
    • What is social entrepreneurship?
    • What is a social entrepreneur?
    • What characteristics do social entrepreneurs share?
  • be aware of some well known social entrepreneurs from around the world, and
  • be in a position to plan your own adventure(s) into social entrepreneurship.
  • Take the first steps towards becoming a social entrepreneur.


Getting there

Take a look at the Community area and find people on variations of this journey.


Next step

Take a look at the relevant Activities and do those which are best suited to your learning style and which meet your needs.