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Welcome to Social Entrepreneurship!

Explore the concept and learn how to become a Social Entrepreneur.

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Social entrepreneurship has been likened to service-based learning and community-based learning. What is special about "social entrepreneurship"?
Select activities which meet your needs and which best suit your learning style. Take a look at the Resources page for tools which might help and collaborate via links on the Community page.

The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship[edit | edit source]

Pause for Thought[edit | edit source]

Think about "social entrepreneurship": what does it entail?

Read Around the Topic and Discuss[edit | edit source]

Find a few fellow learners - face to face, by e-mail, social networking (see for example Power.com), etc.), agree to read and discuss the following:

Suggested discussion points:

  • What are you getting yourself into?
  • Discuss the similarities, overlap and differences between community-based learning, services learning and social entrepreneurship.
  • Would you like to become a "social entrepreneur"? If so, what do think it will take to be effective?

Surf[edit | edit source]

Surf the web to find out more.

While doing so, identify characteristics of social entrepreneurs and if you discover the names of any that inspire you, list them here.

If you find any cool social entrepreneurship links, add them to the Resources page (if they are not there already).

Write about Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurs

  1. Write a profile of a social entrepreneur.
  2. If you think the profile you have written is really good, create a link to it on this page.

Case Studies

  1. Identify a case study of social entrepreneurship to link to or write about.
  2. Add a link to the case study you have found or written here
  3. Add a link from your user page (recall) to anything you have written, or significantly contributed to.


and tools, etc.


find/write ...

Assessment Activities[edit | edit source]

Self Test Questions[edit | edit source]

  • ...

Quizes[edit | edit source]

  • ...


What Next?[edit | edit source]

The next module in this course is Understanding Developing Communities.

Alternatively, return to the main curriculum page and choose a different unit.