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Introduction to Electronics/Electronics Engineering

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Welcome to the course EE 90.

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Lab Materials[edit | edit source]

Lecture plan[edit | edit source]

Basic test equipment, intro to breadboarding, basic spice, soldering and schematic basics.

  • EE 90 Introduction to Electronics
    • Lecture 1, Basic test equipment
      • DMM, Power Supply, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generator
    • Lecture 2, Smart test equipment
      • Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes ...
    • Lecture 3, Mounting Techniques
      • Breadboards, Wire wrap
    • Lecture 3, Soldering
      • Prep work, Technique, Through hole, SMT, Bulk Methods, Rework
    • Lecture 4, Schematics
      • Schematics, Ladder Logic Diagrams
  • Mid-term Exam
    • Lecture #, name
      • descrption
  • Final Exam

Datasheets Relevant[edit | edit source]

74=Lower Voltage 40=Higher Voltage

Gates[edit | edit source]

Unless noted 2-6V 2-6V 2-6V 2-6V 3-18V 3-18V 3-18V 3-18V
NOT 6 Inverters
(TI CD74HC04)
(TI CD74HC240) 6 Inverters
(TI CD4009UB)
AND 4 Input
(TI SN74HC21)
3 Input
(TI SN74HC11)
2 Input
(TI SN74HC08)
4 Input
(TI CD4081B)
3 Input
(TI CD4073B)
2 Input
(TI CD4082B)
1 Gate 8 Input
(TI CD4068B)
NAND 4 Input
(TI CD74HC20)
3 Input
(TI CD74HC10)
2 Input
(TI CD74HC00)
1 Gate 8 Input
(TI CD74HC30)
2 Input
(TI CD40107B)
2 Input
(TI CD4011B)
1 Gate 8 Input
(TI CD4068B)
OR 3 Input
(TI CD74HC4075)
2 Input
(TI SN74HC32)
4 Input
(TI CD4072B)
3 Input
(TI CD4075B)
2 Input
(TI CD4071B)
1 Gate 8 Input
(TI CD4078B)
NOR 4 Input
(TI CD74HC4002)
3 Input
(TI CD74HC27)
2 Input
(TI CD74HC02)
4 Input
(TI CD4002B)
3 Input
(TI CD4025B)
2 Input
(TI CD4001B)
1 Gate 8 Input
(TI CD4078B)
XOR 2 Input
(TI SN74HC86)
2 Input
(TI CD4030B)
XNOR 2 Input
(TI SN74HC266)
2 Input
(TI CD4077B)
JK Flip Flop
/SR latch
(TI CD74HC112) (TI CD4027)
D Flip Flop (TI CD74HC74) (TI CD74HC175) (TI CD74HC273) (TI CD4013) (TI CD40175)

specialty[edit | edit source]

3-18V 4-Bit
Magnitude Comparator
(TI CD4063B)
2-6V Full Adder 4bit
(TI CD74HC283)
9-Bit Odd/Even
Parity Generator/Checker
(TI CD74HC280)
8-Bit Identity/
Magnitude Comparators
(TI SN74HC682)
Magnitude Comparator
(TI CD74HC85)
3-18V Presettable
Up/Down Counter
(TI CD4029B)
Divide-By-N Counter(TI CD4018B)
2-6V Presettable
Up/Down Counter
(TI SN74HC191)
12-Bit Asynchronous
Bin Counter
(TI SN74HC4040)
3-18V BCD-to-Decimal or
4to10 demux
(TI CD4028B)
BCD-to-hex or
4to16 demux
(TI CD4515B)
2bit to 1-4 selector
demux DUAL
(TI CD4556B)
2-6V BCD-to-Decimal or
4to10 demux
(TI SN74HC42)
BCD-to-hex or
4to16 demux
(TI CD74HC154)
2bit to 1-4 selector
demux DUAL
(TI CD74HC139)
BCD-to-7 Segment LED
(TI CD74HC4511)

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