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all the seperation between the 74 family and the 4000B (as called here 40) is not right. there are two differnt of logic family, and there are more. there is no need to make this seperation, and in any case the 74/54 was based on TTL technology, while the 4000B based on CMOS thechnology. that is not so acurate today, since there are CMOS based 74 components like the 74HS (High speed Cmos) and other. so there is no need to intreduce it that way --Gute1 17:20, 1 January 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Request to change to 74LS series[edit source]

I am not sure why you are advocating the use of TI 74HC components for beginning students. Though quality and speed are a factor in the design of any circuit, it makes more sense for beginners to use the much cheaper LS series due to the potential to fry chips. For instance, I can get a single 74LS08 quad AND chip from Jameco for $0.45 (not Texas Instruments of course), whereas the chip you linked is $2.25 from the same supplier. A beginning student, not knowing any better, would tend to purchase the exact chip you linked, spending much more money than needed for learning the basics of digital logic.

TEST EQUIPMENT[edit source]

I have uploaded images of a aglient bench meter in to commons that are labeled. theirs also a oscope image with labels there as well,should anyone get to it before me. 18:37, 16 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]