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The tutorial for generation of Image Maps consists of 3 major steps:

A possible result of an image map is visible on the right. The water wheel is linked to a Wikipedia article about water wheels. You can replace the link with any web resouce that is accessible.

  • Video,
  • Images,
  • Web pages,
  • Questionnaires online surveys,
  • ....

Offline Use[edit]

The Online-ImageMap-Editor does not store any user generated data on a server. If you want to use the application offline * download the following ZIP-File,

  • unzip downloaded that contains the HTML and Javascript-Files of the ImageMap-Editor and
  • start the
    in docs/-folder with your browser (e.g. Firefox).
  • the /docs-Folder contains all necessary files for the ImageMap-Editor (optional)
    • rename /docs-Folder to ImageMapEditor (optional),
    • create a /WebApp-Folder in your /Documents (optional) and
    • copy the renamed folder /ImageMapEditor-Folder to /WebApp/ImageMapEditor (optional)