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Resources for learning how to use computers and the Internet:

Introduction[edit | edit source]

ICT Literacy covers the skills using ICT, awareness about available methods, technologies and services and Risk Literacy to operate as an informed decision maker.

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

Mobile Devices - ICT Literacy
  • (ICT Literacy) Explain the role of ICT Literacy for being an informed decision maker in the ICT driven environment. Distinguish between technology induced vulnerabilty of ICT infrastructure and human risk literacy that could create vulnerability to an ICT infrastructure. Explain those two domains are connected according to training and education.
  • (Risk Management and Risk Literacy) Analyze the Risk Management module and apply the underlying structure to ICT Literacy.
  • Identify the skill, knowledge, tools and expertise in the area of ICT that help individuals to detect Fake News and Fake Science.
  • (Devices and Knowledge) Ubiquitous mobile devices and application for different services beyond communication are used by many by the mobile device owners. Identify ICT literacy skills that are associated mainly with mobile devices and smartphones. What are skills that can be associated to any device that processes digital data (e.g. a photocopier that stores the copied data on a harddrive and the users do not know, that their copy is stored on the harddrive).

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