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Electronic communication is the meaningful exchange of information at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves.[1][2]

This lesson introduces electronic communication and helps learners prepare for the IC3 Living Online certification exam.

Objectives and Skills[edit]

Objectives and skills for the electronic communication portion of IC3 certification include:


  • Identify different types of electronic communication/collaboration and how they work
  • Identify how to use an electronic mail application
  • Identify the appropriate use of different types of communication/collaboration tools and the “rules of the road” regarding online communication (“netiquette”)


  • E-mail communication: E-mail account settings, appropriate use of e-mail, managing e-mail communications
  • Real-Time communication: Text communication, audio visual communication, telepresence
  • Communication standards: Spelling, all capitals vs. standard capitalization, verbal vs. written, professional vs. personal communication, spamming, flaming, bullying, libel, slander


  1. Read Wikipedia: Email.
  2. Read Wikipedia: Etiquette (technology).
  3. Read Wikipedia: Social media.
  4. Read Wikipedia: WebRTC.
  5. Read Wikipedia: Telepresence.


  1. Watch YouTube: Computer Basics - How to Use Email.
  2. Watch YouTube: Microsoft Outlook 2007 Tutorial - Using the Email function & more (Part 1 of 2).
  3. Watch YouTube: Microsoft Outlook 2007 Tutorial - (Part 2 of 2).
  4. Watch YouTube: Microsoft Outlook Using Folders.
  5. Watch YouTube: How to Follow Proper Netiquette Rules.


  1. Complete the tutorial Intro to Email.
  2. Complete the tutorial Email Basics.
  3. Complete one or more of the following tutorials:
  4. Practice your Netiquette skills when sending email messages.
  5. Complete the tutorial Beyond Email. Investigate one or more of the following social media web sites:
  6. Complete the tutorial Chat. Use Facebook Chat or Skype Instant Messaging to communicate with a friend.
  7. Complete the tutorial Skype. Contact a friend and set up a Skype meeting.

Lesson Summary[edit]

Key Terms[edit]

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